About AF.academie

I have set up Af-academie after working as a linguist for over 10 years. After spending 4 years in Cambridge (England) studying Sociology and 9 years in Granada (Spain) working as a teacher and translator, I have come back to Belgium and am seeking to share my experience abroad in my native country. I have always been interested in intercultural exchanges and their outcomes, which is why I studied Sociology at university.

During my time abroad, I had the opportunity to teach different ages (children, teenagers and adults) through a variety of teaching modules: standard classes, preparations to Cambridge exams and Trinity, to name a few. During the summer, I worked as a coordinator in a camp that combined English classes and sport activities for 200 children, aged from 6 to 17 years old. Besides teaching, my task was to recruit, inform and oversee the other teachers and to develop new visual resources that could promote the use of English outside the English activities.

All in all, Af-academie is an academy of languages specialised in linguistics and self-learned professional experience. It offers language courses in French, English and Spanish based on action-based learning and self-motivation, as well as translation and correction service in French, English and Spanish.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Aurore Francq.